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Classic Wiki

On this site you will find informations, tips and tricks around Mercedes-Benz Classic original parts. Here you'll also find worth knowing about the models - a chronicle, technical data , specialist literature, Clubs, Events.

Mercedes-Benz Classic

For over 125 years the star has been pointing the way to the future of the automobile with unrivalled innovations and timeless elegance. Mercedes-Benz Classic makes the whole tradition and the Mercedes-Benz legend tangible to everyone: From the first automobile through the classic cars to the modern classics. Whether you want to discover history in the Mercedes-Benz Museum, search for your classic dream car, or share your passion with others at a Classic Event or in communities.

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Overview Chronicle

The Company's History as Mercedes-Benz Classic eBook.

Overview Models

- Benz & Co. Pre-War Models

- Benz racing cars until 1926

- Daimler Pre-War Models

- Mercedes Pre-War Models

- Daimler and Mercedes racing cars, until 1926

- Mercedes-Benz Pre War Models

- Mercedes-Benz racing cars 1926 - 1939

- Mercedes-Benz Postwar Models

- Mercedes-Benz racing cars since 1952

- Mercedes-Benz Utility Vehicles

  • Unimog - Universal-Motor-Gerät

- Maybach, 1919 to 1941

- Racing drivers


Literature & Guidelines



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